Experience About Using Roll To Roll UV Printing Machine?

A3 UV DTF printer

Roll To Roll UV Printing Machine is an important tool to enhance the performance of your products. So that your products can quickly enhance the brand performance. In addition, it is an efficient, environmentally friendly printing equipment, the use of UV ink printing, can quickly achieve high-quality printing on the surface of the print film. UV printer is simple to operate, easy to master, 5 minutes to the finished product, and suitable for all types of users.

UV printer usage:

1. select the appropriate ink and print film:

Different ink and print film collocations will directly affect the printing effect. It is recommended that the choice of ink and print film. And is the first small sample test to ensure that the printing effect meets expectations, and then mass production.

2. optimize the print settings:

Print settings are the key factor affecting the UV printing effect. We need to work according to the requirements of the reasonable adjustment of the print resolution, color management, and other parameters, in order to achieve the best print results.

3. maintenance of UV led printer:

In order to ensure its stability and printing results, it needs to be regularly cleaned, maintained, and other work. Simultaneously, focus on checking the ink balance, and opportune substitution of ink.

User experience great:

UV printer likewise performs very well as far as client experience. To begin with, it takes on an astute working framework, so clients can undoubtedly get everything rolling. Secondly, it has good printing precision and speed, which can meet various needs. At last, it embraces harmless to the ecosystem materials. Which are amicable to the climate as well as innocuous to the human body.

30cm UV DTF roll printer

Wide range of applications:

We also call the UV printer an “AB transfer film printer”.  A print moulding coupled with a good transfer effect, has long been mixed in the fashion circle. This is an innovative printing technology, which uses UV ink and UV AB film. It varnishes to print on the A film and then laminate the B film. Due to SUBLICOOL’s UV printer’s high precision, bright colors, water, and UV resistance. It is widely used in gift packaging, advertising, decoration, and other fields. It also brings more possibilities to the advertising and decoration industries. This printing technology not only has high definition but also has better durability, making the printed patterns more durable.


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