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Fast Dry Or Tacky Sublimation Transfer Paper How To Choose?


inkjet sublimation paper
inkjet sublimation paper

At the beginning, sublimation transfer printing is use for small fabric production, but later large format sublimation became more and more popular, sublimation transfer paper has been widely used in the market, it is developed specifically for the general textile printing transfer process. Applicable to all kinds of inkjet printer, higher quality and lower price also with the different gram from 60 to 120. But in generally , there are just 2 kind of paper, fast dry and tacky.

Fast dry sublimation paper: This kind sublimation paper will dry fast after printing. Then dry-heater power can be reduced greatly,  so that cost will be reduced and the printed colour will be clear. 85gsm and 100gsm is the popular on this kind, Specially good for Epson, Mimaki, Roland and Mutoh.

Sticky sublimation paper: Tacky sublimation transfer paper is, as you might have surmised from its name, sticky on one side. This is the side that the sublimation ink is printed on, so when you are ready to print your fabric or other product, you can stick the paper onto the product and reposition it as needed.

This kind of sublimation paper is designed for shrunk fabric. The paper will stick to the fabrics so that the quality will be improved greatly.  100gsm tacky use mostly during all gram, its better use for sportswear, swimming wear, also the Cycling Jersey.

Guide To Use Sublimation Paper

First, Choosing the Correct Sublimation Paper

If you plan to do dye sublimation printing, you need to have sublimation paper that matches your exact needs.  These are some factors to consider,  when choosing the correct sublimation transfer paper, which gram and how about the paper width.

Second, Take care the Ink Capacity and Limits

The higher the ink limit , the heavier the paper needs absorb moisture from the ink, without disruptions such as warping and curling. Also there so many sublimation ink brand in the market, you need to choose one that suit for your sublimation printer.

Third, Confirm the paper Transfer Rate

It translates to the rate or percentage of ink,  that gets transferred from the transfer paper onto the material. Sublimation paper should possess a high transfer rate. Some factory will tell that their paper has the transfer rate between 95%-98%, seldom will above 98%.

Forth, Choose the Right Type of Heat Press

Different types of heat presses work with varying types of sublimation paper. There are two main heat press in the market,  that roll to roll heat press machine and the flatbed heat press machine, if large format fabric choose first one, if small pieces fabric choose the second one.


dye sublimation paper
dye sublimation paper

How Does Digital Sublimation Transfer Printing Works?

Sublimation printing doesn’t use any liquid in the process. Sublimation inks heated from their solid-state on the dye sublimation paper, convert straight to a gas. It is a printing method that bonds to polyester fabric, and because the polyester fabric have been heated, the pores expand. These open pores then allow the gas into them, which then fuses to the fabric itself, before resuming its solid-state. This makes the ink part of the fibres themselves, rather than just a layer printed on the top.

So no matter fast sublimation paper or tacky sublimation paper the working process are same, so we just need take care of the application area, then choose the right one! Sublicool One stop sublimation printing material Provide for you! If you want more news for digital textile FOLLOW US!

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