Garment printing,Bookbag ironing preferred Transfer Film Machine?

There are a variety of apparel printing on the market today, and the most outstanding printing is Transfer Film Machine. So Why is DTF printing preferred for garment printing and book bag ironing? Today SUBLICOOL manufacturers have organized the 8 advantages of the DTF process to give you a reference to the 8 reasons to choose Transfer Film Machine.

A3 DTF transfer film printer
A3 DTF transfer film printer

1. Typing fast:

Tuning in, that can be published, without the need for film sun screen version, the pattern is ready to take.

2. Save space:

Besides, some equipment only 6 square feet, small to family workshops, factories can be realized to start a business.

3. Save labor:

One person to see multiple machines, eliminating the need to pull the screen, plate, adjust the pulp, walk the board, lay the cloth to collect the cloth, overheating and other complex processes.

4. Simple operation:

But only need a little computer literate person, after a simple training, new customers can slightly train on the job.

5. Single piece of DTF printing:

Suitable for the current demand for e-commerce, whether a customized or dozens of pieces, thousands of tens of thousands of pieces can be quickly shipped to achieve e-commerce the same day shipment.

6. Good color, color color saturation, solid color is pure enough, wide range of applications:

So, transfer film inkjet printer factory, clothing factory, personalized customization, net single sales and other craft factory can be used, the product can be applied to clothes, pants, hats, bags, etc., adaptability is relatively strong.

7. Environmental protection:

Besides, waterless, odorless, smokeless and dustless production process, there is no limitation on the choice of factory.

pet film printer for t-shirts
pet film printer for t-shirts

8. The threshold is low:

As small as tens of thousands of dollars, as large as hundreds of thousands of dollars can enter the production industry!

And SUBLICOOL manufacturers to provide technicians one-on-one teaching services, so that more entrepreneurs can easily and without pressure to realize entrepreneurship.


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