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How About Sublicool Sublimation Textile Printer VS Epson Dye Sublimation Printer?


dye sublimation printing
dye sublimation printing

Large format sublimation textile printer, regardless of the brand, are designed to handle bigger print sizes and are specifically optimized for the dye-sublimation printing process. Here are some general benefits associated with large format dye sublimation printers.

How about the sublicool sublimation printer?

Ease of Use:

Many large format sublimation printers come with user-friendly interfaces and software that simplify the printing process. This is advantageous for businesses with varying levels of expertise in printing technology. Also allows for customization of products, making it ideal for businesses.  That want to offer personalized and unique items to their customers.

High Resolution:

Many large format sublimation printers offer high-resolution printing capabilities, ensuring sharp and detailed images. This is crucial for applications where image quality is a priority, such as textile printing and photographic reproduction.

Productivity and Speed:

Large format printers are often design for high-speed printing, contributing to increased productivity.  Especially in commercial and industrial settings where large volumes of prints are required.

Dye-Sublimation Process:

Sublimation printing involves the use of specially formulated inks that, when heated, turn into a gas and bond with the fibers of the substrate. This results in vibrant, long-lasting, and wash-resistant prints with a soft feel.

Color Accuracy and Consistency:

Sublimation printers are known for accurate color reproduction, making them suitable for applications where precise color matching is essential, such as in the production of branded apparel and promotional items.

epson printer
epson printer

How about the epson dye sublimation printer?

Large format Epson sublimation printers offer several benefits for users involved in the dye-sublimation printing process. Here are some key advantages.

Size and Versatility:

Large format printers can handle bigger print sizes, making them ideal for printing on larger substrates such as banners, fabric rolls, and oversized garments. The versatility of large format printing allows for the creation of various products, including custom apparel, home décor items, and promotional materials.


High Resolution:

Epson sublimation printers often have high resolution capabilities, ensuring sharp and detailed prints even on larger surfaces. This is crucial for achieving professional and vibrant results, especially in applications like photography or graphic design.

Color Accuracy and Consistency:

Epson printers are for their advanced color management technology, providing accurate and consistent color reproduction. This is important for businesses that require precise color matching for branding and design purposes.


Speed and Productivity:

Large format printers are design for higher printing speeds, contributing to increased productivity in commercial settings. This is beneficial for businesses with high-volume printing needs.

Epson PrecisionCore Technology:

Many Epson large format printers incorporate PrecisionCore technology.  Which enhances print speed and quality by using a high-density print chip that can generate up to 40 million precise dots per second.

Wide Range of Supported Media:

Large format printers by Epson can often accommodate a variety of media types, including different types of paper, fabric, and other substrates.  This flexibility allows users to explore various creative possibilities.


When choosing a large format textile sublimation printer.  It’s important to consider factors such as the size of the prints you need, the type of materials you’ll be working with, the required resolution.  And the intended applications. Additionally, look for features that enhance ease of use and maintenance to ensure a smooth printing workflow. Our Sublicool are the professional dye sublimation printer supplier , if you have any needs for the sublimation printing, pls feel free to contact us!

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