How Can The Pet Film Transfer Printer Print Quality Print Patterns?

A3 Pet Film Transfer Printer
A3 Pet Film Transfer Printer

There are many factors that can affect the printing effect of the DTF printer, only all aspects of good attention to print out quality printing product patterns.DTF process is very simple. As long as the following matters in the printing process will be able to improve the success rate of printing.

First, in the Pet Film Transfer Printer to perform the print task must be printed before the test strip

In the case of checking that there is no broken line, before you can print the picture. In the process of printing to often check whether there is a broken line, if there is a broken line in the printing process. You need to re-clean the printhead before you can continue to perform the printing work.

Second, every three months to clean or replace the ink capsule once again

So as to ensure the smoothness of the DTF machine printing work.

Third, the DTF transfer ink stack and scraper need to be cleaned often

In order to prevent the DTF machine in the printing process of the phenomenon of broken lines and dumping ink, try to keep the digital printing machine clean and well ventilated.

Fourth, pay attention to the temperature and humidity

The temperature of the machine’s work shop should be controlled at about 25 degrees Celsius, humidity control at 15% to 45%. Try not to touch the printing surface of the transfer paper with your hands. So as not to contaminate the paper, affecting the printing effect, resulting in substandard products.

Fifth, the workshop must pay attention to maintaining clean sanitation

In order to avoid the dust impurities in the air to contaminate the transfer paper, ink, printer nozzle supplies.Thus causing harm to the DTF printer with powder machine.

DTF shirt printing machine
DTF shirt printing machine

Sixth, pay attention to the ink cartridge in the ink level of ink

Never empty out the ink in the cartridge, the position of the ink in the cartridge can not be lower than the minimum scale line, resulting in broken lines. Add ink to the ink cartridge should also pay attention to. Can not be higher than the highest scale line of the ink cartridge.  So as not to overpressure, resulting in the dumping of ink failure.

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