How Do I Clean And Maintain My Thermal Sublimation Printer?

2.6m Thermal Sublimation Printer
2.6m Thermal Sublimation Printer

Thermal sublimation printer is a common inkjet printing device. Cleaning and maintenance during the use can ensure the efficiency of the thermal sublimation inkjet printer. The following SUBLICOOL editor will introduce you to the printer cleaning and maintenance methods.

1. The operating environment of the sublimation printer.

Pay attention to issues such as ambient temperature and printer temperature. For example, the suitable working environment for the thermal sublimation ink printer is room temperature between 20°C and 30°C. If the room temperature is low, the ink concentration will increase and the flow may not be smooth. Maintain room temperature to keep the ink active. At room temperature, the air maintains a certain humidity, which can reduce dust.

2. The daily cleaning and maintenance operations of the sublimation transfer printer.

Need to clean the machine surface, platform and other related dust, ink, dye sublimation paper or other impurities in a timely manner. Printer platform or nozzle edge residual ink will make the print pattern mixed with other inks; In addition, the nozzle edge of the residual ink for a long time without cleaning, ink and impurities solidified will cause nozzle clogging, affecting the printer nozzle inkjet effect, resulting in line breaks, lack of color, off-color and other issues.

3. The continuous printing work time of the heat sublimation printing machine.

If the printer is used for too long, such as the printer works day and night, you must remember to let the thermal sublimation printer take a break, otherwise it will produce a very large amount of heat after a long time of use. If this heat is not released in time, it will have a great impact on the life of the sublimation transfer printer, especially the related circuit boards, electronic parts or related motors.

heat transfer printer
heat transfer printer

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