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How Do I Store Epson Printheads For Pet Film DTF Printer?


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Occasionally, customers ask how to maintain Epson printheads of pet film DTF printer if they don’t plan to use them for a long time. After all, the printhead is a relatively valuable accessory. If problems such as ink blockage or damage are caused by improper preservation, it will be more than worth it. Today, SUBLICOOL gives you a detailed explanation of this knowledge so that our customers can understand it a little more thoroughly.

DTF film printer printhead downtime 3–5 days of preservation methods:

In general, if it is only downtime for 3–5 days, then you can not have to move the printhead. And do not need to use the moisturising fluid. Just make sure that the ink stack underneath the printhead stays moist. Because there is ink inside the printhead. It can keep in a moist state without the use of a humectant for 3–5 days. (Note: When switching off the machine, make sure that the printhead returns to its home position )

Preservation method for printheads not used for more than one month:

DTF printer requires downtime for one month or more than one month of the printhead preservation method. Firstly, remove the ink capsule on the printhead and pump the cleaning solution into the inside of the printhead. Rinse the ink inside and then pump in the moisturising solution to moisturise the printhead. This method generally can only maintain for about two months, an average of about two months to re-examine the status of one side of the printhead, re-introduced into the humectant to repeat the printhead moisturising work.

How to keep the DTF nozzle if it is not used for more than three months:

If the printhead is not used for more than three months, we recommend that the printhead be disassembled for preservation. Firstly, extract the ink inside the printhead, and clean the inside of the printhead with cleaning fluid (small blue bottle). And then introduce moisturising fluid from the ink column to moisturise the inside of the printhead. And then the entire printhead is wrapped around a moisturising film (this step can reduce the loss of moisturising liquid inside the printhead). So finally put the printhead into a special printhead box can be. (Finally, it is recommended to put the packed nozzle into the refrigerator, where the temperature is low, it can reduce the volatility of the moisturising liquid more effectively so that the nozzle can be moisturised for a longer period of time). This method can preserve it for more than one year.

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The above is about all the DTF printer downtime at different times, and Epson printhead preservation methods. Customers can choose the appropriate preservation method according to the different lengths of time, Oh! The printhead is a very important accessory in the pet film DTF printer, in the usual work also need to maintain a good DTF Epson printhead oh.

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