dtg printer

How Do You Know About DTG Printing Machine?

dtg machine
dtg machine

DTG printing machine (Direct to Garment Printing) is a fantastic technology that allows almost anyone to print incredibly colorful, high-impact images directly onto T-shirts.

Some people may curious that why DTG printing are so popular in this years, today we will tell you why. First the dtg printing process and dtg ink are environmentally friendly also the machine operation method is simple and the process flow is simplified. Second the flexible small batch production, short proofing cycle, flexible order acceptance, short cycle and the dtg printing effect is clear, reaching the photo-level effect. Last the DTG printing machine has no restrictions on the type of color, no need for registering, and it can print gradual and complex color patterns and the printed fabric has the best air permeability.

How DTG printing compares with other printing techniques?

Screen printing

DTG has almost no setup at all but Screen printing has an expensive and labour intensive setup, This makes DTG printing machine more cost effective for small business. Screen printing cannot capture as much detail nor as many colors as DTG, but the colors that are screen printed are more vibrant.

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfers printing use heat and pressure to embed ink into the fabrics, but DTG printing binds directly to the fabrics and does not feature a heat component. So for the printing quality the DTG printing will better than heat transfer.

Dye Sublimation

As we can see that DTG t-shirt printing and Dye Sublimation printing are all hot in digital printing area, all translate digital images from a computer onto the fabric. The main difference is that dye sublimation printing uses heat press machine to push ink straight from the solid form to a gas, thus skipping the liquid form that DTG is completed in. The gas that results from the use of heat infuses the material’s fibers and allows for printing on polyester.

dtg printer
dtg printer

What is the main application of DTG printing machine?


Still a growing market and an excellent business starter idea. DTG is a business in a box.

Fashion Wear

High street fashion or cat walk? Both are easy to create and just need some inspirational input on the design


Cross selling with other items or on their own, printing on Hoodies

Sweat Shirts

In the past these have been decorated with transfer vinyl however with DTG full colour logos are easy and more profitable.

Street Fashion / Caps

Keeping up with youth fashion can be challenging but DTG helps you react quicker and adapt easily and helps you to become an innovator.


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