How does the stability of the power supply affect the digital printing equipment?


For digital sublimation printing machines, nozzle plugging is a common fault. As a large format inkjet printer, digital printing machines use digital direct-injection printing machine technology or thermal foaming technology. Failures can also exist. What I want to briefly describe today is whether the plug of digital printing equipment has any influence on the voltage instability?

When using the sublimation inkjet machine to print on a daily basis, it is often found that the digital printing equipment is blocked, especially when the digital printing machine is suspended for a long time and the maintenance work of the nozzle is not done well, the digital printing machine is blocked. Most of the failures. But could these faults be voltage related? The voltage of the digital printing machine is unstable when it is working, will it cause the digital printing machine to be blocked frequently? It can be said that there is no direct relationship between the voltage and the nozzle plug, but the unstable voltage can easily burn the nozzle circuit, such as damage to the main board, which may also cause damage to the nozzle circuit in severe cases. If the voltage is unstable in the use environment of the digital printing machine, it is recommended that the user install a voltage regulator for the digital printing machine, and it is necessary to install it, so as to better protect the nozzle.

Therefore, the unstable voltage will not block the head, but it will cause the life of the nozzle to be shortened sharply, or even burn the nozzle directly. However, it is still recommended to install a voltage stabilizer for the digital printing machine, and the sooner it is used, the safer it is to install a stabilizer. The print head is okay, its price is not expensive, but if the print head is frequently damaged due to voltage problems, it is also a headache.

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