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How Does The Temperature Affect The Direct To Film ink?

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DTF machines have certain requirements for the temperature and humidity of the workplace. As one of the consumables of garment printing machines, the direct to film ink quality directly determines the printing effect. Too high or too low temperature or too humid place for DTF machine will have a certain influence. So we must consider these issues when we choose the site. So, keeping the indoor temperature where the garment printing machine is located can improve the printing effect. And can extend the life of the DTF hot stamping machine.

Pay attention to the temperature of the room where the DTF transfer ink:

Especially in summer, when the weather is hotter. Many DTF machine manufacturers will turn on the air conditioner when working. Because DTF printing machines emit heat when working. So air conditioners are commonly turned down a little bit, which is used to regulate the indoor temperature of the processing plant. But if the temperature is too low, it will also have a certain effect on the ink of the DTF hot stamping machine. Ink under the influence of temperature, the ink’s thinness will change, which is a physical phenomenon. But the change is the form, its essence will not change.

What is the storage temperature of DTF printing ink? SUBLICOOL suggests that the storage temperature of ink should be 10℃-35℃ to avoid ink freezing and change. The smaller the printer nozzle, the higher the resolution; the smaller the nozzle, the higher the requirement for ink quality. Therefore, you should try to use the ink provided by the manufacturer of the DTF printer and not choose poor-quality ink.

DTF transfer ink

The solution to the phenomenon of ink thickening caused by temperature is as follows:

1. The original ink is in a warm place so that it slowly warms up to return to its original state.

2. When used in a hurry, it can be externally warmed with boiling water.

3. It is recommended that you control the place where the DTF transfer printing machine is working at about 27 °C, to ensure the ink printing effect.

Before pouring the ink into the cartridge, it is recommended to shake the ink evenly. The role of shaking the ink is conducive to the sediment at the bottom of the ink thoroughly fused in the ink. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at SUBLICOOL!

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