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How Long Does Super-wide Format Printing Last?

super-wide format printing

A question that everyone is very concerned about is: How long does super-wide format printing last? As with any other product, the biggest factor affecting the duration of a dye sublimation print is the quality and care of the product.

The quality of products printed by dye-sublimation printers is determined by the ink, paper, and machine itself.

Dye sublimation printing inks :

From the very beginning, the quality of the ink used to print your product will affect the duration of the print. Not all inks are the same, and they perform differently. We have to choose the most suitable sublimation ink. Relatively speaking, the better the ink, the longer the image will last.

Dye-sublimation images printed with the correct inks may last longer than DTF images printed with lower-quality inks. Because different inks have different fade resistance. Therefore, according to different needs, choosing the right ink will directly affect the printing time.

Sublimation printing paper:

In addition, the quality of the printing paper will also affect the storage time of the image. Dye-sublimation printing requires special sublimation paper, which cannot be replaced by ordinary printing copy paper. Therefore, in order to make your printing better and last longer, be sure to choose the right paper.

Dye sublimation printer printing performance:

The life of the printed pattern is also affected by the quality of the printer itself. Some printers print fast enough to mass-produce garments. But it could also be due to the relatively low print quality that results from high speeds. Before purchasing a dye-sublimation printer, you need to carefully consider your primary goals for printing.


In addition to the quality of consumables, the later maintenance and use of the product are also very important, which is also related to the life of the product. Although the ink has been embedded in the textile fiber during sublimation printing, it is not easy to fade and deform. But we should also pay attention to the washing method to get a longer lifespan.

No matter how it is printed, washing will affect the life of the image. This damage is irreversible. That’s why we recommend using mild cleansers, especially those that reduce fading. This will help your images last longer. Relatively speaking, handwashing is less likely to fade than other washing methods.

full sublimation printing machine

How does dye sublimation work (vs. screen printing)?

As mentioned above, dye sublimation is unique in that it uses a special ink that evaporates into the material and remains permanently on the inside of the fabric.

This makes sublimation products more durable. Because it creates a permanent color bond between the ink and the printing surface. So as long as we choose the appropriate ink, paper, high-quality machine, and proper maintenance, the dye-sublimation printing can maintain a good effect for a long time without a doubt.

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