DTF printer

How to avoid DTF print head clogging?

DTF printer

When using DTF printer, many people will encounter the situation that the print head is stuck, which causes the DTF printer to fail to work normally. So how to avoid the print head being blocked?

1.When installing or replacing a new print head, you must follow the instructions; Every time a new print head is installed, the print head must be cleaned, generally 3 to 5 times, and at least once, depending on the situation.

2.Before using the DTF pet film printer, make sure that all print heads are installed and the ink is checked. When any print head has no ink or is not installed, the DTF printer will not work even if other print heads have ink

3.After replacing a new print head, do not disassemble the print head at will, and do not open the print head protection clip, otherwise the print head may no longer be used. Do not put your hand into the printer or touch the working print head when printing.

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