What factors will affect the stickiness of sublimation paper?


There are many solutions for T-shirt graphic transfer, and sublimation paper is one of the methods for T-shirt printing. Sublimation paper is divided into sublimation paper and sublimation paper roll. Sublimation paper is often used for home DIY. Sublimation paper rolls are suitable for factory mass production. The viscosity of the sublimation paper is very important. However, due to various reasons, sublimation papers with different adhesion have different transfer effects.So, what are the factors that affect the stickiness of sublimation paper?

1.Adhesion level

In the market, the use of sublimation transfer paper has become very popular. Since different customers have different requirements for the adhesive strength of sticky sublimation paper, in addition to ordinary sticky paper, some sublimation paper manufacturers also produce some high sticky sublimation paper. Vision Sublimation Transfer Paper Factory offers four types of high tack sublimation paper, medium tack sublimation paper, low tack sublimation paper and self-adhesive sublimation paper. Customers can choose according to their needs. So we know that different adhesion levels will play a key role in the adhesion of sticky sublimation paper. This high-viscosity sublimation transfer paper is generally used in dry autumn and winter seasons.

2.Types of fabrics

The stickiness of sublimation printing paper is different, which is mainly related to the fabric used. In general, the smoother the fabric, the lower the adhesion of the sticky sublimation paper to the fabric. Conversely, the rougher the fabric, the stronger the cohesion of the sticky sublimation paper. The adhesion rate of self-adhesive paper is very high. Therefore, during the thermal transfer process of self-adhesive paper, when the adhesive in the coating is in a molten state, if the smoothness of the fabric is higher, its adhesion is less.

3.Ambient humidity

Due to the different environmental humidity in the production process, there are certain differences in the moisture content of self-adhesive paper during transportation. In general, the higher the moisture, the stronger the stickiness. Therefore, for the same dye sublimation paper, if used in spring and summer when there is more moisture, the viscosity will be better, and in dry autumn and winter, the viscosity will be lower.

To sum up, differences in adhesion level, fabric type, and ambient humidity can affect the stickiness of sublimation paper for shirting. Therefore, for customers who want to use sticky sublimation paper, before purchasing sticky sublimation paper, they should understand the main factors that affect the viscosity, and then choose a suitable sublimation paper according to their needs. You can also contact us and tell us your needs, we will choose or customize for you.


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