How to choose high quality DTF film?

DTF PET film

There are various types of DTF films on the market. Are you still worried about how to choose a better film? No matter how you choose, here are some key points you must understand.

First of all, you need to know which films can be used for DTF printing? DTF printing requires DTF film, which is usually also called PET film, but not all PET films can be used for DTF printing. Compared with ordinary PET film, DTF film has a special ink absorbing coating. As a result, the film usually looks matte rather than transparent. Untreated low-quality films may be cheaper, but they may get dirty, not stick, or damage your clothes. Sublicool film is carefully prepared to resist the high temperature and high pressure of the hot press and is suitable for all desktop and large format printers. For larger operations, DTF films can be ordered in sheets or reels.

First, the most obvious difference between them is the difference in transparency. Opaque films usually produce better results because they tend to have a thicker coating and better absorption of DTF inks.

Of course, there are some exceptions. The advantages and disadvantages of the coating will also affect the quality of the film. A good coating can certainly absorb ink. But the DTF film with poor coating quality looks perfect at first glance. It will actually repel DTF ink when printing, causing the ink to protrude from the film and contaminate the printer, as well as your hands and clothes.

Another case is that the coating is uneven. It will cause your printing to be uneven, and the final pattern will appear mottled.

Last but not least, the basic PET film must be high temperature resistant. Some films are perfect when printing, but in the process of pressing and transferring, the PET film of the substrate curls or even melts due to its high temperature resistance. This is very terrible.

Sublicool DTF PET film coating is uniform, which can meet the needs of large ink volume and high-precision printing. During printing, there is no ink accumulation or retention, and there is no residue on the edge of the image after powder spraying. The printed pattern has clear outline, smooth lines and bright colors. The printing feels soft and colorful. It is suitable for printing small print washed labels. It is suitable for cotton, chemical fiber, cotton blend, denim and other clothing. Environmental protection factors are fully considered in the selection of products. The materials are organic compounds, which meet environmental protection standards.

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