How to choose the best sublimation ink?

sublimation ink

In the sublimation printing industry, sublimation ink is an indispensable product. Choosing good quality ink will make your printing business prosper. So how to choose a good quality sublimation ink? This article will give you the answer

First of all, the finished products produced by dye sublimation printers are closely related to everyone. Therefore, when choosing sublimation inks for printers, you must choose inks that are environmentally friendly, odorless, and free of harmful substances.

Secondly, the ink will not fade when printed on the fabric, so it is necessary to choose the ink with moisture-proof and good color fastness. Color fastness includes washing fastness, dry coating fastness, soaping fastness, etc. It is also a key criterion for considering printing efficiency.

Finally there is fluency. Sublimation ink should be nanofiltered, leaving less residue in the ink. Adjust the main physical and chemical parameters according to the printer to ensure long-term continuous printing. Smoothness is the basic quality assurance of ink. Poor flow means that the ink can break throughout the printing process, compromising the efficacy of the final product. Whether the printing color of the finished product is gorgeous, and whether it can reach or even exceed the main performance of traditional printing, is also a key criterion for considering sublimation inks.

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