How to choose the right wide-format sublimation inkjet printer?

sublimation printer

Wide format inkjet printer enables users to print larger images with clearer colors, brighter colors and more accurate details. Its output is unmatched by many traditional printers. Wide sublimation inkjet printer equipment includes small and cheap consumer models, as well as expensive professional output functions in the business environment. It is suitable for a wide range of different industries and has a variety of choices. Including full-color documents, signs, posters, banners, drawings and maps.

Although there are a variety of wide-format subliamtion printers on the market, they are not necessarily suitable for your own business applications. In addition to choosing the correct printer type, you should also consider the following factors.

First, the output size. Wide width printing is the most prominent feature of this kind of printer. The wide width printer on the market ranges from 14 inches to 60 inches, and the length is almost unlimited. 36 inches is usually the choice of professional design drawings. Some customers may also need to output 44 inches wide, depending on your work requirements.

The second is application. If the output file contains complex lines or small fonts, you will need to print every detail of the printing system accurately and reliably. 300dpi and 600dpi are the most elegant text file settings, while the output of graphics and photos requires a resolution of at least 600 * 1200.

Third, media processing. If you need to use different sizes or types of media, the choice of equipment is very important. You can access multiple media rollers at the same time, and the media flow load is a value that must be considered. Some printers provide the ability to read another media stream and process jobs when printing one. At the same time, it is also important that the printer can still automatically organize and stack output files when multi-user and multi command loading is available.

Fourth, the printing volume and efficiency of the working group. If your site generates high-volume printing or scanning tasks, we must ensure that the selected printer can keep up with your high-volume workflow. In larger workgroups, old printing systems can become bottlenecks, hindering productivity. As more and more users use printers, waiting for large file processing and printing, print queue management, error prevention, replacement of consumables, tracking cost, protection of sensitive files and so on are all problems to be solved.

The last,Multifunctional capability. The multi-functional inkjet printer gives users the choice of printing, scanning, copying and other functions, which is convenient and practical.

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