How to deal with mixed ink in DTF printer?

DTF printer

If the large DTF printer is mixed with ink, the printed picture will be colored, which will affect the printing effect. How to deal with ink mixing in DTF printer?

If the DTF printer is mixed with ink and the print head is not damaged, the print head should be dirty or soaked by the cleaning solution. If you use a DTF printer frequently, cleaning the print head is sufficient. It is not necessary to soak in the cleaning solution every day. If it still cannot be solved, the following methods can be used:

1.Check whether the wiper of the print head is dirty. If it is dirty, please clean it. Maybe the ink mixing problem can be solved by changing the print head.

2.Check whether the ink bottle cap of DTF printer is tightened too tightly. Too tight will produce negative pressure, causing ink mixing. Slightly loosen the bottle cap to solve the ink mixing problem.

3.Check whether the damper is damaged. If it is damaged, replace it with a new damper. Then check whether the print head is blocked. If it is blocked, the print head can be soaked with cleaning solution, but the time should not be too long.

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