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How To Deal With Pet Film Printer With Ink Dripping And Dumping Fault?

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Pet Film Printer is a printing machine that can print any pattern. This kind of printing equipment has great requirements for the temperature and humidity in the air. Or pet film printer machine is a relatively delicate printing equipment.

We need to maintain it well in the process of using it, or it will be easy to have problems. Especially the nozzle of the DTF machine, because the precision of the nozzle is high. So the nozzle is more expensive than other accessories, and the maintenance needs to pay more attention to the problem.

Today, to explain how to solve the problem when the DTF machine appears to drip ink dumping fault. Printhead ink drop to dump ink is not necessarily a printhead problem Oh, there may be other accessories and caused by the failure, SUBLICOOL to give you an analysis.

The causes of DTF pet film ink dripping and ink dumping malfunctions are listed below:

  1. Because the DTF printer is located in the studio temperature is too low or too high caused by the ink changes

Solution: Adjust the temperature of the studio to the right temperature, 20 ℃ -35 ℃ is the best.

  1. Because the nozzle has a slight blockage of the DTF printing ink problem

Solution: Use the automatic cleaning system of the DTF machine to clean the printhead repeatedly. If you can not solve the problem, you can use the printhead cleaning fluid for deep cleaning.

  1. Because the pipeline or ink sac rupture

Solution: If the failure is caused by the rupture of pipes or ink sacs, it is necessary to replace the ruptured pipes and ink sacs to solve the problem.

  1. Due to the quality of the ink

Solution: If the purchase of ink does not match the printhead, or due to the poor quality of the ink caused by the failure. Then only replace the new ink to match.

  1. Due to the failure of the mobile car caused by the fault

Solution: If the mobile trolley moving on the guide rail is not smooth and jittery caused by the drip ink dumping fault. Then only ask the professional maintenance personnel to deal with it.

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  1. The cause of the filter clogging

Solution: Many factories will be in the pet film transfer printing machine with a filter, Filter clogging can also cause the ink supply is not be smooth, mistaken for a clogged printhead. So in the event of problems should also be timely to rule out the problem of the filter.

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