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How To Deal With Severe Ink Blockage In The DTF Printhead?

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We all know that the DTF Printhead is consumable. Because of the high precision of the printheads of DTF machines, the requirements in terms of maintenance will also be very high. After all, the printhead’s holes are very small, and you can’t see where they are with the naked eye. Unless you use a magnifying glass to enlarge it. Therefore, the nozzle of the DTF machine very easily appears to have a clogging problem may be a particle of dust with the size of the nozzle hole that can lead to the nozzle line breakage and clogging problem.

Why is the printhead of the transfer film inkjet printer a consumable product?

In fact, the main reason is that the higher precision of the printhead has no good maintenance. It is easier to wear and tear. The second reason is that the current domestic printhead technology is not mature. Printing machines with high-precision printheads basically come from Japan. The third is that there are few domestic technologies to repair the printhead. So the printhead once damaged can only be replaced, there is no way to repair it.

In addition, the printhead of the DTF machine requires high precision, so the price of the printhead will be higher. The printhead is the most expensive part of the DTF machine. And you need to replace the printhead will often add a lot of maintenance costs to the enterprise. Then there are friends who will ask, the price of the printhead is so high, if the printhead of the printing machine appears serious ink blockage how to do? Is not only replacing the new printhead this road can go? In fact, not, if the printhead appears in serious ink blockage, SUBLICOOL provides you with the following methods to solve the problem.

We can follow the following methods to clean:

1. Remove the printhead and find a container with a smooth bottom. In the container to add a strong cleaning fluid, cleaning fluid just covered the stainless steel limit (to avoid secondary damage to the printhead. This operation needs to be professional).

2. Soak for 15–20 minutes, and pick up the nozzle, with a clean rubber tube with a syringe against the nozzle of each injection in turn (or will be blocked by the color of the corresponding injection) into the cleaning fluid. When we find that the cleaning fluid stays on the surface of the nozzle, clean it again with the cleaning fluid. So operate a few times, when you see the water line from the nozzle is not a drop. And become a straight line out of the time, indicating that the nozzle has been unblocked.

EPSON printhead

Additional notes

We provide strong cleaning fluid and protective fluid. The cleaning fluid is for cleaning the DTF printing printhead, and the protective fluid is for protecting the removed nozzle. After cleaning, if you don’t go on the machine for a while, you can save it with the protective fluid.

The above cleaning method is the nozzle can use the last method of unclogging. If the above methods are unable to completely unclog the nozzle of the nozzle hole, it means that the nozzle hole has been completely blocked. And can only be replaced with a new nozzle.

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