How to deal with the problem of color cast in digital printing machine?

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Sometimes digital printers will print incorrect colors and insufficient brightness. The reasons for this are as follows:

1.Check the digital printing machine

Digital printers, including self-tests calibrating print head cleaning flush settings, nozzle status checks, and inspections themselves can help users determine if digital printers are causing problems because they are not producing accurate colors correctly.

2. digital printing machine drive inspection

Most digital printer drivers must provide color matching options inside the printing preferences or the corresponding RIP software. To the right of these options, users can achieve accurate color fine-tuning.

3. the working environment lighting conditions of the digital printing machine

In environments where digital printing presses work, lighting can cause the illusion of light displayed by some computer monitors. Contrary to toners performed in printouts, differences cannot be accurately observed. Using light with a bright contrast adjustment of the display environment is also very useful. important.

4. computer graphics driver

Some color driver information digital printers are reading from the computer’s graphics card, if the color is not completely matched correctly, the user may consider upgrading the computer’s graphics card driver to solve this problem.

5. The problem of media and ink

Some flat media are not exposed to the sun for a long time, and the temperature and humidity will affect the normal performance of the color, and the printing quality will also be affected by the use of other inks. The quality should be high-quality ink. If the ink cartridge is out of warranty, please replace it in time.

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