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How To Deal With UV DTF Stickers That Roll Up The Edges?

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UV DTF stickers are a kind of gorgeous label in daily life. It is widely used. And UV stickers can appear on many products. Today SUBLICOOL will give you an analysis to solve the problem of UV stickers with curled edges, not durable and bad tearing.

The quality of the UV transfer film causes the problems:

When the UV printer ink and AB printing film quality problems, it will print out the UV sticker caused by cracking, curling or not good to tear the situation. Mainly because of the problem of UV printing materials. Printing film adhesive quality is not passable and will lead to bad tears, or even the problem of curled edge tears not appearing. Once the problem is determined to be, the printing material should be replaced in a timely manner, with UV label printing supplies.

Inappropriate use of the environment:

The second problem is that it may be the impact of the use of the environment. UV labels caused by improper use of the problem are the most likely to be a misunderstanding. And crimping cracking, sticking, sticking not fast and not durable may be caused by improper use. SUBLICOOL suggests sticking to the hard, smooth surface material. For example, packaging cartons, tea packaging boxes, tin cans, aluminium boxes, plastic, stainless steel, ceramics and so on. It is not recommended to paste the soft material products, such as cloth, leather or coarse abrasive product surfaces. Although it can be affixed, the firmness and durability will be poor.

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UV printing labelling is not good for tearing the curled edge is not durable how to do it? As long as you find the right point, the problem can be perfectly solved. Note: UV labelling products are not recommended for outdoor sun and rain, often friction or high-temperature blistering environments. Such as tableware and hot water cups, cleaning and heating have the risk of falling off and cracking, and firmness and durability will be poor.

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