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How to distinguish different dye sublimation paper


sublimation printing
sublimation printing

Are you confuse how to choose the right dye sublimation paper to use? Tacky or fast dry? Light weight or heave weight? Roller or sheet? Today we will share you some tips as a professional sublimation paper manufacture.


1. Light Weight and Heave Weight

Dye Sublimation paper is made with a normal paper substrate, a special coating added to the paper holds the dye sublimation inks.  It is divided into many gram weights, as we said 35gsm to 120gsm.


Light Weight Sublimation Paper

Normal the light weight paper we mentioned the gram from 35gsm to 75gsm.  Paper gram in this range need printing with light ink loading, so light sub-paper suit for the  industrial high speed machine.  Like the MS-JP, also the sublicool 6-15 printhead sublimation printer.


Heave Weight Sublimation Paper

The heave weight dye sublimation paper we mentioned the gram from 75gsm to 120gsm.  Paper gram in this range usually printing with light ink loading.  The heave sub-paper suit for the normal sublimation printer like epson, mimaki, roland also the Mutoh.  If you use this kind sublimation printer, you can try this range paper.


2. Fast Dry and Tacky

Fast Dry Sublimation Paper

Dry transfer papers are produced to be compatible with many digital printers. The most important advantages of the non-tacky transfer papers are their fast-drying feature, superior ink absorption, and compatibility with most polyester fabrics. Fast dry sublimation transfer paper promotes sublimation transfer to a brand new level of vivid color and reduces ink load. High transfer rate, strong anti-batch, and high-cost performance. So they are specifically designed to work with high-speed systems.

Sticky Sublimation Paper

Tacky sub paper can effectively solve the ghosting, deformation, and other problems caused by the displacement of the fabric and transfer paper. Tacky transfer papers are not deformed even if you use heat press shortly after the printing process. High-quality tacky transfer papers will firmly stick to the fabric during the heat press process and prevent the paper from shifting.  Such papers are mostly used on stretch fabrics such as sportswear,

sublimation paper
sublimation paper


3. Roller Size and Sheet Size

Sublimation transfer paper usually have two types of packaging.  Roll to roll and sheet size.  Roll size sublimation paper use for large format sublimation printer, above 24 inch, the max can do 125inch.  Can print the clothes, sportswear, also the homw textile. The length of roller paper, from 80 meters to 7000 meters all have.

Sheet size sublimation paper normal have A4 and A3 size, usually for table size sublimation printer like Epson and HP, this kind paper usually printing for T-shirt, Mugs, Bags and other home diy printing business.

When we do sublimation printing, some customers often pay more attention to the choice of sublimation ink when using sublimation printing, but ignore the impact of sublimation paper on printing quality. In fact, sublimation paper plays a key role in the final output quality of your sublimation product. If you want high quality sublimation paper contact SUBLICOOL!

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