How to DIY mug stickers by UV DTF machine?

UV DTF machine

UV DTF machine uses an innovative printing procedure. It is printed on the film first and then transferred to the target object. It is simple and easy to operate, so we can use it to make some stickers at home.

How to DIY mug stickers by yourself at home?

First, we need to print the pattern on the “A” film, the LED cold light source lamp emits ultraviolet rays and the photosensitive curing agent of the ink exposed to ultraviolet rays will dry quickly.

Next, we need to use a laminator to laminate the A film and the B film together. The back of the pattern is A film, and the front is B film.

Finally, use scissors to cut out the outline of the pattern, tear off the A film, and stick it on the cup you want to paste. Tear off the B film later, and it will be printed successfully. The printed pattern is bright, not easy to fade, durable in time, wear-resistant, and rub-resistant.

How to successfully paste it on the cup? Please note the following details.

  1. Peel off the film on the back of the pattern
  2. Position the graphic to ensure the design is straight and in the correct position, then apply it to the mug.

(Be careful, because once you touch the glass, it is almost impossible to go, so be sure to look after it before doing it)

  1. Press the pattern, start from the center, and press outward to push out all the air bubbles.
  2. Evenly scrape the entire pattern with a ruler or finger
  3. Tear off the transparent film, and the pattern will be perfectly presented.

UV DTF printing

Why do we love UV DTF printing?

1. Wide applicability

It can be transferred to various materials and different surfaces. Media include metal, leather, wood, paper, plastic, and more. We can apply it not only on flat surfaces but also on curved and uneven surfaces.

2. Customize production

We can use him to produce high-quality work that is not inferior to the quality of solvent printers. Screen printing may require a minimum order quantity, which cannot meet the needs of each customer, so at this time, a UV printer with higher flexibility becomes the best choice for the current production capacity.

3. Simple and convenient

It will become dry after being removed from the machine, So we just need to push and stick it with our fingers.

4. High-definition pattern quality

The ink does not penetrate into the substrate, Because the ink dries very quickly.

5. Environmental protection: does not rely on solvents, so no toxic substances will volatilize into the air.

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