DTF printer

How to ensure the color accuracy of DTF printer?

DTF printer
The quality of DTF printing is not only reflected in the fineness of the output picture, but also in the color accuracy of the output picture. How can we ensure the color accuracy of DTF T-shirt printer?

1.Ink. The expressiveness of ink color and the breadth of color gamut will directly affect the accuracy of color. The ink has strong color expression and wide color gamut, and can be attached to the printed pet film well. In addition, the ink curve has good compatibility with the color control of DTF printer, which can better restore color and achieve the best color performance.

2.PET film.DTF PET film is the carrier of color, and its quality is also crucial to the accuracy of printing color. A good printed PET film can well absorb ink droplets, better color, and accurately express colors, and finally form an output image with delicate pictures and accurate and rich colors.

3.Computer.The computer and DTF printer are operated by the computer to print patterns, and the pictures also need to be designed by the computer. Computers of different quality display different colors. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution of the computer, the more accurate the color representation of the design drawing. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a computer with better configuration.

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