DTF printer

How to ensure the safe production of digital printing machines?

DTF printer

“Production must be safe, and safety is for production”, in order to ensure the safety of people and sublimation digital printer and prevent accidents, in addition to complying with the rules and regulations of the post, you must also have the following safety production knowledge.

1.Before the machine starts, we ring the bell

2.Do not get oil around the machine and on the pedals to prevent slipping while walking.

3.The safety cover and protective facilities on the machine are not allowed to be removed. There must be clear instructions, affixed to the machine

4.Informal electricians are not allowed to repair electrical facilities. The person who maintains machinery and equipment must be: hold an electrician’s certificate and hold a relevant technical employment qualification certificate

5.When entering the workshop, the dress must be strict, and slippers are not allowed.

6.Before starting the machine, check whether there are tools left on the machine.

7.If you need to drill into the machine or repair the machine, you need to cut off the power supply.

8.Turn off the power supply, doors and windows before leaving get off work.

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