DTF shirt printing

How To Ensure The Smoothness Of DTF T-shirt Printing?

DTF T-shirt Printing

The DTF T-shirt printing is a very sophisticated printing machine. The smoothness of a DTF pet film printer’s printing determines the printing time and the printing effect.

Intermittent printing steps can result in a lot of defective printed products. This is a very cost-consuming behavior. So, how to guarantee the smoothness of the DTF T-shirt printer printing? Today, SUBLICOOL gives you a detailed explanation, which I hope will help you.

DTF transfer ink position situation: 

To maintain the smoothness of printing, firstly you should pay attention to the concave and convex ink position of the ink in the DTF printer’s cartridge. Remember: On the one hand, the ink in the cartridge must not be emptied out. The ink level in the cartridge must not fall below the minimum mark to prevent the formation of broken lines. On the other hand, when adding ink to the cartridge should also be noted. The ink can not be higher than the highest scale line of the ink cartridge of the white ink stamping printing machine. The pressure is too high to prevent the formation of ink dumping failure.

Test strip detection:

It is necessary that you print the test strip before the DTF shirt printer machine carries out the print job. Only print the image when you have checked that the test strip is not broken. It is advisable to recheck the test strip for broken lines after one hour of printing. If there are broken lines, you need to clean the printhead before you can continue printing.

Selecting the right ink:

To protect the fluidity of the DTF printing machine is also very important is to be sure to choose the right ink. Only inks with a high degree of fluidity will make the print job smoother. If you use poor quality or the printing machine can not match the ink, the light will lead to print products failing, and heavy will damage the print nozzle. So it is very important to choose a high-quality ink with a high degree of fluidity.

DTF T-shirt Printer

Above all, you need to pay more attention to the printing process according to the three tips in the passage. The DTF film printing machine printing process is a very simple and very popular kind of clothing stamping process. Especially in the garment printing industry is more widely used. And can be seen everywhere in life. And if you meet any problem in your printing, SUBLICOOL provides you with professional technicians who can solve any problems in time and provide you with perfect after-sales service.

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