DTF printing problems

How to Fix DTF Printing Problems?

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The DTF technique is getting more and more popular among the printing industries. Therefore, many customers will buy DTF machines to operate their own businesses, and they may encounter DTF printing problems. The following are some suggestions that you can refer to when you encounter problems.

No color is coming out

When you turn on the printer for the first time, you may encounter these DTF printing problems. Here is how to fix it:

Initial ink charging:

First, you should load your DTF printer with ink.so, open the cap of each tank and fill it with its corresponding ink. Please make sure that you load it with the correct color. Besides the one you are filling, keep all the caps closed, or you may contaminate other colors. Once they are fully enough, turn on the printer and press the ink button for just a few seconds. In this initial charging process, it will take up to you 20 minutes.

Specially, In some situations, the initial charging may not be complicated and result in blank printouts. In order to solve it, we can open the resettle software provided with the purchase of the printer. Click on” particular adjustment mode”, go to the ink charge option, and click “ok”. In the drop-down menu, choose” initial ink charge”, and click” do not increase waste ink pad counter” and “ink charge”. This will ask you to restart the printer and reset the ink charge.

Transportation lock:

It is possible for you to set the transportation lock to the locked position, which stops the ink supply from the ink tank to the print head. So you may be left without ink when before printing.

Does not print white ink or any colors

This is a rather common question and is usually caused by white ink sedimentation. The solutions are as follows.

Tank stirring:

Before doing any printing or maintenance action, you need to shake the tanks to avoid sedimentation. Many printers may include this feature.

Print head cleaning:

Before printing, you should run a simple print head cleaning. If you normally use the printer, this is enough. And if you don’t solve the problem after cleaning the DTF print head, you should run a powder cleaning.

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Stains on the paper or smudged design

Sometimes when you print, you may get ink smudges all over your printout. And another situation of the ink doesn’t seem to stick to the transparent film and leaves a sort of mixed ink mess.

Printing on the right side of the film:

If you start to print on the wrong side, you are either using way too much ink or printing on the wrong side. But just wipe the film with a cloth or some paper, fold it over, and print.

Correct tray placement:

Usually, the problem of the print head rubbing against the design comes from a poorly positioned output tray. So make sure that the tray is in contact with the printer but not blocking the paper output.

Film feeding problems

The most common problem is film feeding. Either because the printer can’t grab it or it spits it out. One of the most effective solutions is to place a board or a few sheets of paper in the paper support to fix the DTF transfer film. And this will help the printer load the film correctly.

If this doesn’t work, you are supposed to put some masking tape on the back of the bottom corner of the transparency film to prevent it from slipping when feeding.

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