How To Improve The Efficiency Of The DTF Printing Machine ?

DTF printers for T-shirts
DTF printers for T-shirts

First, choose high-quality quality DTF printing machine printing equipment:

Choose high-performance DTF printing machine, no matter in the printing speed and printing accuracy, can achieve a clear image picture, rich color expression. At the same time can also quickly complete the order production volume. More importantly, you can realize the lower investment costs, with the realization of higher efficiency.

Second, the use of high configuration computer operating system:

In the choice of machines, choose products equipped with high-speed transmission interface. For example, the network interface connection and data transmission of the DTF printer. It can quickly complete the installation and online operation with the computer, eliminating the tedious installation of the driver, just set up a good local connection on the computer’s network card IP address, the use of the network cable can be associated with the DTF printer online printout. Thus realize more simple and convenient online operation, more relaxed use. At the same time, the high configuration of the computer, the computer and the pet film printer for t-shirts transmission operation is faster, additional, computer operating system running fast, fast processing and caching image data, send data fast, improve the efficiency of the DTF printing machine spray printing output.

Third, the correct operation and maintenance equipment:

To achieve higher print output, usually do a good job of maintenance, especially the nozzle and so on. Let the machine always keep the best printing state; at the same time, correct operation can make you more skillful on the use of DTF printing machine control, to achieve fast printing operation.

DTF A3 film printer
DTF A3 film printer

Fourth, the right match of high-quality supplies

In addition to high-quality machines, but also equipped with matching supplies. For example, DTF transfer ink, which is critical to printing. If you use poor quality ink that does not flow, not only out of the effect is not ideal. But also lead to ink clogging the nozzle or even damage to the nozzle.

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