How To Improve the Efficiency Of UV DTF Film Printer?

UV DTF film printer

How does UV DTF Film Printer technology improve speed?

In contrast to other traditional printers, the principle of the UV DTF film printer is to use ultraviolet light as a catalyst to cure the ink droplets in order to achieve immediate drying and hardening. So by the time the paper leaves the printer, you get a precise, high-quality pattern. This predestines the efficiency of this printer.

The UV printer is made up of several components. They work in collaboration with each other to accomplish high-speed operations. They offer you the possibility to create a wide range of prints in just a few seconds by combining the right colors with varnish effects. So we note that there are several factors that can influence the printing speed of a UV printer: the number of print heads, the number of substrates, and the size of the UV printer.

What UV printer components increase efficiency?

  1. Print heads

The print head is one of the most important parts of a UV printing machine. The printhead carries a number of tiny nozzles to drop the ink onto the substrate. They determine the quality of the image. So we need to pay extra attention to the maintenance of the nozzles. It is important to keep the nozzles clean and free of dried ink and dust. This is to ensure that the print head produces precise, neat drops of ink for high-definition, smudge-free images. And the overheat protection setting allows the print head to work properly without failing.

There are different numbers of print heads to choose from when you select your printer. If dealing with large print orders, we recommend that you choose one with three print heads. Otherwise, you can choose one with two heads.

  1. Mainboard

The UV printer is designed to incorporate an independently designed motherboard in the process, which improves reliable performance. So it has a feathering mechanism that improves its printing effect. In addition, the motherboard is set up with an automatic jump function that can save you time and improve efficiency. The high stability of the motherboard allows you to work 24/7.

  1. Dual lamps

An important component of UV printing equipment is the UV lighting source. And this may use to cure the UV ink droplets. The twin lamps can have an adjustable setting, which allows you to modify the intensity of the light. And this way you can find the ideal value for your printing needs

UV printing


Platform Size

Various UV printers offer different platform types, so you can print on items of different sizes. You can buy printers on demand. And this adaptability means you can meet the needs of customers in different industries.

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