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How to Judge the Quality of DTF Transfer Film?

DTF film

DTF transfer film is different from thermal transfer paper, it is a special film and is perfectly suitable for DTF transfer printing. DTF heat transfer film is a necessary medium material in heat transfer, and the pattern on it can be transferred to the clothes. And it is composed of antistatic coating, PET film, and peelable coating.

There are many brands of membranes on the market, and we have a set of guidelines for how to measure the quality of membranes. So how do we detect the quality of DTF transfer film? SUBLICOOL suggests starting with the following:

White ink printing:

DTF printing uses white ink as the base, so the color of the fabric will not affect the pattern. So the advantage of DTF is that you don’t have to choose the color of the fabric. Generally speaking, 80% and 100% white ink printing on DTF transfer film are common.


We should pay attention to the edges of the pattern when printing. Some DTF transfer films on the market have water edges on the printed pattern, and the water edge will cause powdering on the edge of the printed pattern, resulting in poor transfer quality.

Cold tear hot tear problem:

Regarding this problem, many manufacturers recommend cold tearing. With the development of technology, some DTF film support both cold tearing and hot tearing.

Pattern Saturation:

This is also a key indicator, the better the DTF transfer film, the clearer and more saturated the pattern transferred.

Whether the pattern mottled:

Through the light, we can see the existence of pinhole-sized white spots on the pattern transferred by some inferior DTF transfer film. This is a very serious problem that will affect the printing effect.

Coating Appearance:

The pattern coating printed by the high-quality film is evenly distributed without graininess. If you care about graininess, you need to pay attention to this.

Return oil:

When testing the DTF film, we should pay special attention to the problem of oil return. Oil has a great influence on the look and feel of the pattern, and it will also affect the saturation of the color.

Pet film by SUBLICOOL DTF printing

SUBLICOOL’s film has undergone a lot of tests before production, and its ink absorption, rub resistance, and color saturation are beyond doubt. Compared with other DTF films on the market, the saturation of the transfer printing is much higher than other brands, and it has no irritating smell and is not easy to fall off, so you can trust it.

DTF transfer film

In conclusion

DTF transfer film has a great influence on the DTF transfer effect, so we should pay special attention when purchasing. The test of DTF film is different from that of the sublimation paper. We need to conduct multidimensional tests according to the principle of its transfer printing and pay attention to some details.

Future Outlook – DTF transfer paper

Due to the global demand for environmental protection, DTF transfer paper has appeared on the market, which will replace DTF film in the future. Its environmental protection, high-cost performance, and other characteristics will win a larger market. If you are interested in heat transfer paper, we can provide free samples.

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