How to maintain DTF printed T-shirts?

DTF Printer

In the current printing industry, DTF printing is increasingly used to print T-shirts, which has also become a trend. But how to maintain the DTF printed T-shirt? Next I will give you the answer.

1.The T-shirt after heat transfer will feel a little hard, and will become soft after washing. (Generally, freshly processed T-shirts need to be cleaned after 2 days.)

2.Do not rub the surface of the T-shirt (heat transfer) pattern with your hands (the surface material of the heat transfer pattern will not adhere to dirt).

3.Do not wash with detergent containing bleach. Clean with warm or cold water below 40℃.

4.It’s better not to use the washing machine. When washing with the washing machine, turn the pattern side over to the reverse side for washing. Take it out of the washing machine immediately after washing. Do not dry it in the dryer.

5.Don’t scrub the neckline forcibly to avoid deformation.

6.When drying, the clothes rack can only extend into the loose part of the lower hem of the clothes. Do not apply force directly from the collar to prevent it from loosening after losing elasticity.

7.To dry naturally, do not expose the heat transfer T-shirt to the sun.

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