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How to maintain DTF printer in winter?

DTF printer
  1. The temperature of the working environment is very important to DTF printer. If the temperature is too low, the printer will have phenomena such as oblique jet, flying ink, false drawing and so on. When users find that the test strip image is false, they can use an electric heating fan or hair dryer to heat up the nozzle to avoid such problems when the DTF printer is working. In addition, before using the DTF printer, users should turn on the air conditioner or electric heating fan in advance to preheat the working environment. The temperature can be maintained at 18 ℃ – 30 ℃, so that the DTF printer is in a better working state, which not only improves the working efficiency, but also has excellent printing effect.
  2. In addition, it is very easy to generate static electricity in winter, especially in air-conditioned rooms. The air is particularly dry, which is a hotbed for generating static electricity. Excessive static electricity will increase the working loss of the printer and affect the service life of the nozzle. Therefore, when turning on the air conditioner, users can turn on the humidifier synchronously to increase the air humidity. The humidity should be kept at 40% – 60%. The humidifier should keep a distance from theDTF printer machine to avoid condensation of water droplets and short circuit.
  3. In winter, when the weather is dry, static electricity and dust do great damage to the nozzle. If the static electricity is too large, it is easy to damage the nozzle or circuit. Dust is easy to block the nozzle, resulting in the disconnection of the printed image. Therefore, when using DTF printer in winter, we should pay attention to controlling the printing speed to prevent excessive static electricity. Secondly, pay attention to regularly cleaning the nozzle to prevent dust from blocking the nozzle hole.
  4. Low temperature will also change the viscosity of printer ink, especially low-quality ink. In winter, the viscosity of ink becomes larger, blocking the nozzle, resulting in oblique spraying and ink breaking, which will affect the service life of the nozzle. Therefore, when purchasing ink, users should choose ink with good weather resistance and good quality. In addition, ink storage should also pay attention to that the ink is easy to produce qualitative change when it is under zero for a long time. It can be stored at 18 ℃ – 30 ℃.

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