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How to Maintain Heat Transfer Film Printer ?

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As a printing machine, a heat transfer film printer is very important for daily maintenance. Effective maintenance techniques can prolong its service life and bring benefits to the manufacturer.

In fact, the maintenance of the heat transfer printing machine cannot be slack all year round. Everyone knows that autumn is a very dry season, and the working environment humidity of it needs to be between 20% and 80%. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the normal humidity of the working environment of the white ink heat press printing machine. Today, SUBLICOOL will show you some tips for DTF printing machines.

1. Clean nozzles and ink cartridges in regular

If the DTF transfer ink is left to stand for a long time, which may cause precipitation. So you need to clean the DTF and ink regularly to avoid the phenomenon of partial oil circuit blockage. In this way, the printing quality is effectively guaranteed.

2. Control room temperature and humidity

In general speaking,40%-60% is a good humidity range. This can ensure printing accuracy. We recommend that the workplace of the DTF need open windows for ventilation to ensure good ventilation.

3. Don’t use ink with high viscosity

Though too much ink droplet weight may reduce the electrostatic effect, too much viscosity will bring disadvantages to the nozzle crystal of DTF printing.

4. Check flash spray and scraper in regular

check the cleanliness of the flash spray and scraper at least once a week. If there is any debris such as hair, please use tweezers or facial tissue to remove the debris. Keep the heat transfer printing machine as a whole, and nothing can be placed on the machine, especially liquid.

5. Do a great job of dust prevention

It is important to do dust-proofing indoors. And do not put it together with machines that are prone to smoke and dust to avoid clogging the nozzles. White ink heat transfer printing machine nozzles and inkjet nozzles dust small debris into the nozzle and easily stain the ink nozzle panel and leading to poor ink jetting.

6. Static electricity is easy to generate in the dry season, and the white ink heat transfer printing machine is most afraid of static.

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7. Keep the environment clean

To keep the ground clean, there will be dust when the weather is dry, which will affect the life and work efficiency of the white ink heat transfer printing machine. So you can often mop the floor and sprinkle water to keep the room from being dry and dusty.

8. About the print head of the heat transfer film printer

After installing the ink, it must use. Every time the ink is sprayed by the nozzle, the remaining ink will remain nearby. And Frequently printing new ink will wash away the remaining ink from the last time, otherwise, it will slowly solidify and cause the nozzle to block.

9. About temperature

Lastly, keep the indoor temperature constant, and the operating environment temperature is preferably between 15 °C and 30 °C.


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