DTF film printer

How to Maintain the DTF Film Printer?

DTF film printer

As we all know, the DTF Film Printer is not cheap. In order to make the equipment work better, save production costs and increase profit margins, we should pay attention to maintenance. And when using DTF film printers, maintaining the DTF Film Printer is to prolong the service life of the DTF printing machine. The main reason is whether the daily protection and maintenance of the printing nozzles are in place. It is recommended to make the print nozzles have a long service life and always be in the best working condition. Then these daily protection and maintenance work are indispensable. Today, SUBLICOOL recommends 10 maintenance tips to everyone!

DTF film printer

Ten tips to maintain a DTF Film Printer :

1. Shut down according to the prescribed procedure.

When shutting down, first turn off the control software, Then turn off the main power switch to ensure that the trolley returns to the normal position, and next close the print nozzles and ink pile completely to avoid clogging the print nozzle.

2. Use the original genuine nozzle

When replacing the nozzle, we recommend using the original genuine nozzle. And not using a nozzle whose source is unknown or whose price is significantly lower than the market price. If you don’t use the device for more than three days, please moisturize the nozzle to prevent drying and clogging.

3. use the original ink

We recommend that you use the original ink, and try not to mix two different brands of ink to avoid a chemical reaction.

4. caution

Do not plug and unplug the USB printing cable under power, so as not to damage the motherboard.

5. Connect the ground wire

If the machine is a high-speed printer, please be sure to connect the ground wire. On the one hand, when the air is dry, we cannot ignore the static electricity problem. On the other hand, when you use some low-quality materials with vital static electricity, it may damage the safety of machine electronic components and print heads. And static electricity will also cause the ink to fly during the printing process of DTF film printing. Don’t operate the print head with power on.

6. Voltage

Since this equipment is precision printing equipment, we recommend being equipped with a brand voltage stabilizer with a power of, 2000W.

7. Temperature and humidity

We may keep the ambient temperature at 15℃-30℃, and the humidity is 40%-55%.

8. About scraper

Regularly clean the ink pile scraper to prevent ink solidification from causing damage to the print head. Besides, note: In the white ink heat transfer printer, do not wipe in one direction. The correct way is to wipe from the middle, wipe the white part from the middle point down, and wipe the color part from the center point upward. So the color and white will not mix with the ink.

9. About the working platform

Keep the working platform free of dust, ink, and debris to prevent scratches on the print head. Besides, clean the sanitation of the ink cup aprons once a week.

10. About the Ink cartridge

Cover the cover immediately after filling the ink to prevent dust from entering. The print head is the core component of DTF film printing. Do a good job in the daily maintenance of the print head to make the equipment work better and improve production efficiency.

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