How to maintain the DTF printing machine in a humid environment?


In the printing factory, DTF printer is a necessary production equipment, so we need to maintain it scientifically. In a humid environment, the internal accessories of the printer are very vulnerable to moisture and corrosion, and even cause short circuit of the line, resulting in the burning of the board nozzle, etc. So what problems should we pay attention to in a humid environment?

1、 The production workshop shall take moisture-proof measures. When leaving work at night, the doors and windows and other vents must be closed to prevent moisture such as morning fog and morning frost from being sucked into the workshop.

2、 After work, cover the DTF printing equipment with dust-proof cloth for a simple purpose. The function of dust-proof cloth is not only dust-proof, but also moisture-proof, so as to avoid the short circuit of relevant circuit boards and components caused by humid air and dust entering the interior.

3、 Relevant printing media consumables must be stored in a dry environment, because the printing media is easy to absorb moisture and become damp, and the damp media is easy to cause ink dispersion and other phenomena. Therefore, when the materials are not used up, they should be put back into the original packaging and try not to contact the ground and walls.

4、 If possible, it is recommended to equip the working environment of the digital printing workshop with an exhaust fan, install an air conditioner and start the dehumidification mode; If the humidity is serious, it is recommended to install a dehumidifier.


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