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How To Maintain Transfer Film Printer For T-shirts In Summer?

Transfer film printing

With the rising summer temperatures, in the daily work of the transfer film printer for T-shirts, the maintenance of the DTF printer is not to be underestimated. Whether the daily maintenance work of the equipment is in place will directly affect the working condition of the machine. Even the best equipment, if you do not pay attention to the daily maintenance. It will also appear faulty, reducing the equipment’s life. Especially in the summer is very hot, so SUBLICOOL to you to organize a few DTF machine maintenance in the summer maintenance methods.


Please pay attention to ensuring good ventilation in the daily operation environment of the equipment.

2、Attention to adjusting the temperature around the DTF inkjet printer

If the working temperature is too high, it is easy to break the DTF transfer ink when printing, which affects the smoothness of the machine. The board and other electrical components are also prone to failure.

3、 Pay attention to the daily dust treatment

Please ensure that the manufacturing environment is surprisingly clean. If the air is stuffed with a lot of particles or dust in the production manner will have an effect on the print fantastic of the equipment.

4、Environmental humidity problems

For the summer rain areas, the relative humidity of the environment should be controlled between 40% -60%. So that it is not easy to appear ink clogging. Temperature control at 22–25 degrees is appropriate, it is recommended to place the temperature and humidity recorder for observation. If the indoor temperature is high, high humidity will have an impact on the stability of the control circuit of the printing machine. Which in turn increases the incidence of failure of the printing machine.

5、Grounding wire to eliminate static electricity and other interference with the machine.

Please pay attention to checking the heat dissipation condition of the DTF printing machine. Once found abnormal, take relevant and reasonable measures to adjust in time.

Transfer film printer

6、Electricity details

In the production and use of the process. We should also pay attention to minimizing the use of a single plug jack. At the same time, pay attention to checking the use of the socket power and the machine is consistent, to avoid long-term overload caused by fire. Strengthen the awareness of production safety!

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