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How to operate the roller heat transfer machine?

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Although the design, construction and construction seem complex, it is very easy to run such a roller heat press machine. With some basic technical skills, anyone can operate the equipment.

First, you need to turn on the “power switch”, which is almost the same as any machine you are working on. The next step is to activate the “run switch”. It allows the drum to start rolling.

Then, readjust the governor to run the belt gradually before you place something on the belt to sublimate. Also, change the temperature level controller to the desired setting. Finally, turn on the “home heating button” and let everything work.

The drum will begin to warm up. In summer, it must take 20 to half an hour; And 30 to 40 minutes in winter. The general hot stamping temperature grade is 1350; You need to change the temperature according to the project requirements.

For the air pressure option, you need to readjust the “pressure control valve” and “pressure control off” on the left and right to ensure the ideal pressure.

Here are some suggestions that we think are practical for you. If you want to keep your roller heating press comfortable, please continue reading.

(1) When you shut down or shut down the digital roller heat transfer machine for a long time, please pay close attention to its maintenance part. During the whole shutdown state, the warm drum is covered with silicone oil, which may be contaminated by plant pollen on the touch release.

(2) If circumstances require you to exit the matrix, press the reverse rotation button. Better press the button to make it run smoothly.

(3)When the operation exits, turn on the “timed off” switch to turn off the equipment after 60 minutes. During this period, the machine will help with air conditioning.

(4)During unforeseen power failure, be sure to press the “pressure switch” and “loose belt switch” and lower the pressure shaft so that it can move backward and separate the belt from the heating roller. It will certainly prevent the real felt belt from being damaged by high temperature.

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