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How to Prolong the Life of DTF Printhead?

direct to film printhead

When you are using a DTF printhead, it is great not to print every few minutes. If you need to print a lot of things, SUBLICOOL recommends gathering the things which need to print together for centralized printing. Every time the machine starts up, it should clean the print head, restart the printer and fill the ink delivery system with ink. This will waste too much ink, so don’t start the machine frequently.

Dealing with Nozzle Details

Most of the DTF printer equipment will automatically clean the print head. While, if the automatic cleaning function of the device is invalid, the DTF printhead should be dissembled according to the steps in the operational manual. When it rings, use a magnifying glass to carefully observe the nozzle hole. If there is a silted residue next to the nozzle hole, you can use soft rubber products to remove it. The integrated print nozzles have holes due to dry ink. And get clean after soaking in warm water.

When you clean the print head, pay attention to the following points:

1. Don’t clean the nozzle with sharp objects, do not hit the nozzles, and don’t touch the nozzle with your hands.

2. Don’t disassemble or install the nozzle when it is charging. And do not touch the electrical contacts on the nozzle with your hands.

3. The nozzle cannot remove by the printer and place separately, and the nozzle cannot place in a dusty place.

Each accessory has a certain service life, and the service of machinery and equipment can also be determined by the quality of maintenance. Of course, the printhead of the DTF printer is no exception.

DTF inkjet printing

How to deal with ink clogging?

The most common problem with the nozzles is ink clogging, and the most prone to ink clogging is ink problems. Firstly. We should understand that the DTF printer ink is a combination of several major parts such as pigments, water, and functional additives. The main purpose of the producing grinding process is to grind the pigment into nanoparticles and evenly distribute them in the water. If the product research and development ignores the considerations of the storage process of the ink.

When these granule clusters are larger than the nozzle diameter of the ink head, it will cause clogging failure, so we add the ink.  In this way, the occurrence of ink-blocking failure can greatly reduce, thereby prolonging the service life of the nozzle.

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