DTF printer

How to solve the color cast of DTF printer?

Sometimes, the color printed by your DTF printer is not what you want, and there will be some color deviation. At this time, you can start from the following points to find out the problem.

1.DTF printer self-test

The DTF printer self-test can start with the calibration of the print head and the inspection of the print head status. These self-tests can help users determine whether the DTF printer cannot correctly generate accurate colors due to its own problems.

2.Check the DTF printer driver

Most DTF printer drivers in the print options or the corresponding RIP software will provide color matching options, these correct options allow users to achieve subtle and accurate color adjustments.

3.The light of the working environment of the DTF printer

The light of the working environment of the DTF printer is also very important. Some dazzling lights will make you misunderstand the color displayed on the computer monitor. When you compare the color and print output, you cannot accurately observe the difference, so use the ambient light and Bright contrast adjustment of the display is also very important.

4.Computer graphics card driver

The color information of some DTF printer drivers is read from the computer’s graphics card. If the color cannot be matched correctly, users can consider upgrading the computer’s graphics card driver to solve this problem.

5.The problem of media and ink

Some printing media cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time. The difference in temperature and humidity will also affect the normal performance of the color. In addition, the printing quality will also be affected by the ink quality. Use high-quality DTF ink for more accurate color printing.

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