How to solve the excessive noise of DTF printer?

DTF printer

DTF printer is an indispensable device in inkjet printing field. In normal printing work, how to reduce the problem of loud noise? Next, we will show you how to solve the problem of excessive noise during the operation of DTF printer?

1.Whether the rack and each connecting structure of the large DTF printer are fixed with screws, so each connecting point must be installed when installing a new rack;

2.Check whether the DTF printing machinemotor operates normally.

3.Whether the screws at the motor are loose and not fixed;

4.Whether the tightness between the motor and the pulley is appropriate can be observed and adjusted appropriately;

5.Smoothness of large DTF printer guide rail. If the guide rail is not flat, there will be noise when the carriage runs, and the carriage will shake.

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