How To Solve The Fault Of Flying Ink In DTF T-shirt Printer?

DTF t-shirt printer
DTF t-shirt printer

The chances that flying ink will occur during the printing process of a DTF T-shirt Printer are relatively small. If you follow the DTF printer safety manual to do a variety of maintenance measures, basically this problem will not occur. So if there is a flying ink problem we should be how to solve it, DTF printer why there will be flying ink problem, SUBLICOOL to explain.

1. The printhead voltage is too high

If the printhead board indicator shows the voltage of the red light, alarm conditions, in the process of using the flying ink will occur. Printhead voltage is too high need to modify the circuit board card, or change the circuit to circumvent the problem.

2. The DTF printer machine is used for a long time, there will be a machine nozzle disconnection.

This phenomenon will inevitably lead to the machine flying ink. Printing test strips, check the nozzle condition, such as found clogging, fuzzy, etc., you need to clean the nozzle channel. So that it stays open. The solution to the printhead disconnection is the need to check the printhead condition from time to time to see if there is a situation of hairy, clogged, if you need to deal with it immediately, otherwise the phenomenon of flying ink can not be avoided.

3. The electronic control system to control the printhead ignition pulse spacing is unreasonable.

Electronic control system to control the nozzle ignition between the pulse distance is unreasonable, resulting in flying ink phenomenon. Electronic control system problems, this requires specialized technical personnel to repair in order to solve.

direct to film printer
direct to film printer

4. The nozzle is too high

General DTF printhead and the height of the material should be controlled between 1mm ~ 20mm. If the nozzle over the range of its own jet, there will certainly be flying ink phenomenon. Printhead and bearer distance is too high or very easy to solve, as long as they shorten the distance on it.

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