How to solve the problem of fuzzy printing effect of DTF printer?

DTF printer

Some customers reported that the DTF printer may appear blurry when printing images, which seriously affects the printing effect. What are the reasons for this phenomenon? Here I summarize some possible reasons for your reference.

1.Use inferior ink. In this case, even if the printed picture is not blurry, it is difficult to print a perfect picture. Therefore, it is recommended to use the ink produced by the original printer.

2.The print head is blocked, causing the print image to be blurred. At this time, it is necessary to clean the print head, and pay attention to the maintenance of the print head at ordinary times.

3.The temperature change of the working environment is also a common factor that causes the printing effect of the DTF printer to be fuzzy. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a suitable working environment for the DTF printer to avoid the working environment temperature being too high or too low.

4.If the ink viscosity changes, the DTF printer should adjust the appropriate ink viscosity before printing.

5.If there are bubbles in the ink tube or ink cartridge, it will also cause abnormal printing. Therefore, pay attention to observe more when printing, and stop printing immediately in case of any abnormality.

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