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How To Solve The Problem of Heat Sublimation Printer Ribbon?

dye sublimation printer
dye sublimation printer

When using a Heat Sublimation Printer, it is easy to have problems with ribbon failure. So how to solve this problem? SUBLICOOL explains it for you.

1. The reason may be because the ribbon breaks too much tension

This situation is likely to lead to failure, if this situation occurs, you should promptly sew up the broken bit. If it is more serious, it needs to be replaced again.

2. Sometimes the ribbon line is off the edge, or wrapped around the ribbon wheel resulting in the ribbon will be stuck.

In this case we should open the dye sublimation printer cover to open the handle, gently back in the end position of the ribbon cartridge, and then turn on the power can be automatically restored!

3. Ribbon drive wheel failure or breakage of friction phenomenon

This phenomenon is caused by the drive belt, you can adjust the position of the character chain. So that it does not produce friction. But if it has been broken, then it should be replaced.

For the problem of the ribbon, we should promptly solve the problem, from the collation as above, the existence of these problems are fundamentally still more obvious problems. Any problems appear disorder, will affect the operation of the ribbon. Only from the fundamental solution, can we continue to improve the status quo.

sublimation transfer printer
sublimation transfer printer

How to extend the color brightness of the thermal sublimation printer?

Regardless of the accessory, there is a deadline for its use. But what should we do to increase the brightness of the finished product in the future?

In general, our prints have the possibility of exposure to the sun. In this case, we should control the quality of the consumables used for printing, the concentration of the ink, the degree of transfer, as well as the condition of post-care.

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