How To Solve The Problem Of Stringing Colors In DTF Shirt Printing?

DTF transfer printer

In the process of DTF shirt printing, some customers do not know enough about DTF printers or do not operate in a standardized way, resulting in problems such as stray colors and stringy ink in the printing process. This will greatly affect the color degree of the printed pattern. Why there will be a string of ink, DTF printer once the string of ink problems how to solve? Today SUBLICOOL to explain.

1. The ink capsule is damaged

If the ink capsule malfunction or broken, it may lead to the ink supply system infiltration of air, the formation of a negative pressure so that the ink flow back. This time there will be other colors infiltration, and then the appearance of mixed colors, string ink phenomenon.

2. DTF Transfer Ink stack, scraper damage

DTF printer is a machine, the machine has to do a good job of maintenance and maintenance. If the scraper is used for a long time, but not maintenance, not timely replacement will be easy to aging, resulting in reduced efficiency of the ink stack ink absorption. So there will be the phenomenon of variegated colors.

The above is the main reason for the DTF printer string ink. So we generally have professional and technical training for operators. But also to do a good job of maintenance of the equipment.

DTF film printing machine

If you want to improve the clarity of the DTF printing pattern and the vividness of the color. You can use high-quality DTF ink, and maintenance of the DTF machine nozzle, in order to print out the bright colors, high saturation pattern.

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