How To Solve The Situation Of Garbled Code In DTF Film Printing?

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It is very common for DTF Film Printing to have garbled codes in printing. A lot of improper operation can lead to DTF printer garbled code problems. And SUBLICOOL gives you the following some of the causes of garbled code and the solution for your reference. You can always contact our technicians if you have any questions.

1. USB cable problems

If there is a problem with the USB cable, you can check whether the USB cable is plugged in tightly. If the USB cable is damaged, you need to replace the USB cable with a new one.

2. DTF motherboard memory stick problem

This problem can be closed after the printer re-inserts the memory stick on the main board and then restarts the DTF printer. And tests whether it can be normal to hit the map. If not, the new memory stick can be.

3. Electrostatic problems

General electrostatic problems may also cause misalignment and ghosting. So the use of DTF printer must plug into the grounding wire to avoid electrostatic interference about by several problems.

4. The problem with the DTF printhead

If the color of the phenomenon of garbled code may be the color of the printhead problems, you can clean the printhead or replace the printhead to try.

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5. Computer software problems

And printing software on the computer buffer space is not enough to hit, the map appears garbled. Generally, in the drawing, do not overuse the computer. So the computer tries not to install antivirus software to avoid some computer and DTF Film Printing driver conflicts.

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