How to start DTF printing?


As we all know, Sublicool brings DTF materials to the market, and many customers may have questions about how to start this technology. Here are some introductions to let you know more.

Equipment preparation: DTF printer, textile pigment ink,  PET film, hot melt adhesive powder,  heat press machine.

1、 Printer request, which requests DTF printer, also known as Epson printer for modifying 6-color ink group, such as l805 (A4 format) and l1300 (A3 format).

2、 5-color textile pigment inks, C (cyan), m (magenta), y (yellow), BK (black), w (white) are required

3、 PET film is printed. The surface of the film is specially treated and coated

4. Hot melt rubber powder of 80um to 170um. The smaller the powder, the better the effect

5、 Heat press machine, for this technology, ordinary hot press is OK.

With these equipment,you can start your DTF printing business.If you have any questions,please feel free to contact us,we are glad to help you.

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