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How to treat the processing cost of digital printing equipment?

DTF printer

Digital printing processing has gone from proofing to small and medium-sized batch production. Digital printing equipment has gone through the product introduction period and entered the growth and maturity period, because the advantages of digital printing production mode are still irreplaceable in the short term, which is a happy thing for those in our digital printing equipment industry.

With the increasing acceptance of customers and the gradual maturity and improvement of digital printing machine, digital printing processing has entered a growth and maturity period. At this time, customers need to do the following for processing:

1.Use of certified ink: improve the quality of the equipment, reduce the use rate of defective ink.

2.Increase output: Train skilled operators, unify equipment allocation, expand production capacity and share fixed costs equally.

3.Emphasize brand influence: from equipment, consumables, fabrics, design drawings and exhibition halls, to ensure high-end quality and ensure quality is to ensure the brand.

4.Appropriately reduce the price: the opponent of digital printing processing is not only other digital printing processing manufacturers, but also the subversion of screen, round screen and flat screen printing. The processing cost of digital printing is closely related to equipment investment, depreciation, consumables, defective rate, plant fixed cost and labor cost. In order to blindly reduce the cost, many digital printing factories adopt the lowest price equipment, the lowest price ink and the plant with the worst quality environment. Obviously, the order price received is almost the lowest, and there is not much room for profit. In addition, some processing enterprises adopt unified models, do a good job in unified color management, and try to ensure that they can be produced simultaneously. In this way, the requirements for operators are not high. There is no need to worry about receiving orders and not knowing what machines to produce. Therefore, the comprehensive labor cost is also low. Because of the stable production environment, mature consumables configuration and low defective rate, a high-end product brand and image have been formed.

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