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How To Use Cleaning Fluid For Direct To Film Transfer Printer?

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Cleaning fluid for direct to film transfer printer has many roles, the solubility of ink to the protective fluid is not as strong as the cleaning fluid, and the protective fluid has some effect on the fluidity of ink, often appearing as pulling, ink holes diagonal spray phenomenon. So we ask in the new installation of the machine, the first to use the cleaning fluid to clean the pipeline. Avoid the phenomenon of pulling, ink hole oblique spray. Today, SUBLICOOL gives you an explanation of the cleaning fluid that can be used in which places above.

1. Regular weekly maintenance

Regular weekly cleaning fluid to clean the scraper and ink pad. Pure water and alcohol on the ink solubility is small, and alcohol on the scraper has a slight corrosive effect, so we recommend that you do not use pure water, or alcohol to clean.

2. Regular cleaning of the pipeline

Regular use of cleaning fluid to clean the pipeline is recommended (3-6 months). In prolonged use of ink, there will be adhesions on the wall of the tube, adhesions and will affect the smoothness of the ink, and cleaning fluid on the adhesion of the solubility is very strong, so we must regularly clean the pipeline.

3.  A specific problem when pet film printing

There are times when the working environment is relatively poor, the machine’s static electricity is relatively strong, many cotton-wool-like dust will be attached to the surface of the ink head, a long time not cleaned up, it will cause the ink holes in the oblique spray, clogging. Regularly drop the cleaning fluid at the ink pad to make the ink head better moisturized.

In addition to the cleaning fluid on the DTF printer maintenance, in the DTF stationary state, we also need to carry out maintenance work. DTF printing machine each maintenance step is very important. But the machine’s stationary state can make the maintenance work more simple. Today, subcool has organized several static maintenance techniques for your reference!

1. The establishment of machine maintenance regulations.

DTF printer maintenance should be based on the machine’s instructions. Such as regular oil changes, cleaning filters, and regular testing of machine accuracy, etc., to be able to all in accordance with the instructions to maintain.

2. Strengthen the maintenance of important parts, such as printheads, rails, and ink stacks.

The most important part of the DTF machine is the DTF transfer printhead. It directly determines the effect of printing. And the printhead is the whole printing machine in one of the highest price accessories. As long as the printhead is not a problem, then you can save a lot of maintenance costs. And print product quality can always be at its peak.

DTF printer machine

3. Technical reforms to strengthen the maintenance of the machine.

The exterior of the DTF machine also needs maintenance. For example, you can not place other items on the frame. The printing machine can not be placed near the high-power electrical appliances, etc., which are all part of the external maintenance of the printing machine. The above are some of the DTF machine maintenance points and attention to some of the problems. I hope that the majority of customers and friends of the maintenance of the DTF help, such as other problems, can be at any time to consult us.

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