Is DTF printing durable?

The advent of DTF printing has revolutionized the textile industry and opened up even more possibilities for the textile industry in today’s digital age. The printing process is simple: create digital artwork, print on film, and transfer to fabric. There are many fabrics that DTF can print on, including cotton, nylon, rayon, polyester, leather, silk, and more. But at the same time, it also raises the question of whether the finished product printed by DTF is durable? Is DTF printing durable?Is DTF printing good quality?In this article I will give you the answer.
DTF printer
DTF printing is first printed on PET film using a DTF printer. After that,it will be transferred to products such as hats, handbags,T-shirts or sports shirts.DTF printing is one of the best in print quality, from vivid design to finish, the print quality is commendable and fairly durable. In addition, the effect and detail of DTF is stunning on a variety of fabrics.
It can be washed at least 50 to 60 times if you take the correct washing measures, such as: backwash and iron, do not use bleach and dry in the shade. On the other hand, its durability also depends on the quality of the consumables used. There are cheap consumables on the market, but they are of poor quality and can result in faded prints, a hard feel, and a shorter lifespan. You won’t see fibers going through the print.
Sublicool ensures that all of our DTF printers and consumables are of the highest quality to ensure our customers receive prints that are colorful, soft to the touch and durable.

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