Is sublimation paper suitable for any printer?


Sublimation transfer paper is a very mature product. Sublimation printing technology is developing rapidly and widely used all over the world. It is an indispensable digital product for people in the field of fashion, so there is a great demand for heat transfer paper. However, if you want to use thermal sublimation paper to print patterns, you must use a dedicated thermal sublimation printer, inkjet printer or laser printer.

If you have a printer that can use sublimated ink, you can do it as long as you match the ink with sublimated paper. If your printer is not compatible, it cannot be resolved. Therefore, it is important to know whether your printer is compatible with this printing process. Here are some general guidelines for printers suitable for thermal sublimation paper:

Any printer designed for sublimation printing. These printers are often referred to as thermal sublimation printers, and sublimation will be considered when purchasing.

Inkjet printer with sublimation compatibility. Most cheap inkjet printers do not have this compatibility, but some brands of heat transfer inkjet printers, such as Epson inkjet printers, can print on sublimation paper.

The cheaper the printer, the less likely the print head is to be compatible with sublimation.

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